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Past Projects

Past Undergraduate and MEng Projects.

Student Projects

Spring 2017

Control of Sphero Swarm

Further developing and validating the control system for several sphero robots in a swarm with the purpose of developing a system through which to study swarm behavior.

People: Martin Herrera, Ji Chen, Salar Moarref.

Soft Actuator Design and Design for Use in Walking Robots

The goal of this project is to design, manufacture, and characterize soft robotic actuators. Actuators are designed to be resilient and consistent in mechanical properties. Data is collected on actuator performance to characterize mechanical properties over the life of the actuator, up to failure. This information can be utilized for gait synthesis and adaptive gaits in walking robots.

People: Peter Ferenz.

Autonomous Robot Navigation and Detection of objects

This project uses ZED stereo cameras and a Clearpath Robotics Jackal to allow for both autonomous robot navigation and detection of objects of interest in an area, such as pedestrians.

People: Harrison Fay.

HexBugs for Swarm Robots

In this project, we are taking store bought HexBug Spiders and hacking them. The result of this is a spider that instead of receiving commands via the IR sensor that comes with it, now receives commands via WiFi. These bots will be used to implement a swarm algorithm..

People: Jonah Okike-Hephzibah.